We develop mechanisms for the delivery of meteorological and ocean data via third party applications.

Navigation Software / MFD / Mobile / Media / Website

We create the bridging technologies between the science of weather forecasting and the technical world of end user applications.

  1. GRIBview SDK
  2. WxPro Streaming API
  3. Pro2 Web API

Developed to enhance your customers interaction with your applications on all platforms.

Maximise revenue through your existing applications.

We'll walk you through the process from start to finish.


Our GRIBview SDK for Linux, PC or Mac provides a comprehensive and fully customisable development suite for third party navigation software and hardware applications that require GRIB data overlays.

We provide multilevel GRIBview software access components developed to provide direct request access to our GRIB data for third party software. Various other components provide multiple levels of viewing and display functionality to your software.

Our modular design also provides you with flexible integration choices.

All our GRIB data levels can be licensed directly so you can provide your customers with free GRIB data and bill them directly or use our billing system.

We currently provide three different SDKs:

  1. GRIBview SDK: C/C++ API module provides data access functionality and data display functionality
  2. GRIB COM: COM API module provides data access functionality
  3. GRIBviewX: ActiveX module provides data access functionality via a COM interface and provides display functionality.

Image 1: Navigation Planner software integrated with GRIBview SDK

Our GRIBview software is based on our SDK and you can download a PC or Mac version for free.

WxPro Streaming API

Embed / Mobile / License

Streaming weather forecast data provides a more natural real world representation of how the weather moves. Global to local, just zoom and animate the forecast with a single button click.

WxPro works with Open Street Maps as the base map however our streaming technology can be used with any tile mapping service (TMS).

WxPro Embed.

Whether media, club, organisation or marina, your customers appreciate being able to view WxPro via your websites. A single line code and WxPro can be embedded on your website.


WxPro is configured to work with the latest mobile browsers.


Our streaming technology can be licensed to display GRIB data from any provider.

There is no complex or expensive software required to produce broadcast quality streaming forecast animations.

Image 2: embed of WxPro web application.

Pro2 Web API

A relatively simple Web API producing on-the-fly image overlays for the exact area you require for each request. Producing a nice animation rate with lots of functionality and forecast parameters.

This is the chosen application by our marine navigation mobile app partners due to the simple integration and highly visual and customisable nature of the API.

The Pro2 web API/WMS (web mapping service) uses dynamically generated weather forecast overlays, created on-the-fly.

For example, our Pro2 interfaces with the Google Maps API. However, any suitably enabled web based maps can be enabled with our overlays.

We provide a Pro2 Web API pack for you to enable your mobile or software devices and map interfaces with on-the-fly weather and ocean data animated overlays, plus meteograms for any map point.

Our data overlays are produced by our web server application that creates an exact match for the client-side area and parameter request.

We integrate Pro2 with Google maps and our API works with any TMS.

Image 3. iNavX iOS app integration of Web API

Multiple parameters available.

A natural fit for marine navigation mobile apps.

Providing an additional revenue stream.

If you have specific requirements we'll be happy to discuss them.


We set high standards and goals for our development teams and we're pleased to say our expectations are often exceeded and lead onto new areas of development.

From our high resolution and streaming weather forecast services to the integration of our SDK or API's we continually develop our services to compliment our partners.

We've spent years developing our services so you don't have to.

If you have mobile, software or hardware integration requirements we'll work with you to produce the solution that fits, and generates a new revenue stream via your existing applications and customer base.

Talk to us about your requirements, we're sure to have a solution that enhances your applications


Our business has always been based on the same principle.

'To develop mechanisms to deliver the highest quality meteorological and ocean data'

We create the bridge between the science of weather forecasts and the technical world of end user applications, some of which we create ourselves.

Talk to us about your requirements, we're sure to have a solution that enhances your business.

Have questions? We would be happy to answer.

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Our forecasts are used by many of the world's best known maritime organisations, businesses and professionals.
From the most successful Olympic sailing teams and Americas cup teams to the biggest commercial names in the industry.